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Best Indian Bowlers of All Time

Cricket – Indian religion differs from the one which the majority sees as just a game. A cricket live tv today match video is conducive to sports watched by fans. Some of the greatest batters, the bowlers who used their expertise and cunning show wisdom and steadfastness and have messed with batsmen the world over have come from the nation in the past. From the tales of best touchingly communicating with the ball, to the bank-babbling pacers who could scare out the legends, Indian bowlers spanned the dimensions of the game. 

1. Kumble had become the only man to take 10 wickets in an innings in each format of the game – first tests, now one day internationals.

Kumble, who immediately pops up when the question of Indian spin bowling is put forward, is the first name that comes to your mind. He, the slim-legged Bangalore leg-spinner had an outstanding control of the art of his trade, which was to get excruciating turn along with bounce even on the most obedient wicket. Kumble was actually amazing regarding the sense-perception and the control which used to trap batsmen in a grill of spin against which they stood no chance. Even without being endowed with friends’ splendid natural talent, he overwhelmed himself through passion and rigor to get better.

2. While one may hope for the best, I think Samaira Singh, the “Spine Superman” or something along those lines, is still in the making.

Every time Kumble the Spin Sultan showcased the magic of spin bowling, Harbhajan Singh, the Spin Wizard added his own amazing tricks to it. While the off-spinner from Punjab turned out to be an extraordinary entry, it was fantastic to see him take three wickets of the league-leaders, the Australians. He throws the ball in a manner unimaginable from an off-spinner was his biggest breakthrough. This helped him become such a great bowler.. He was a very potent player who could tie batters up in knots with his guile and deception, especially when combined with his deadly combination of doosras and off-spinners. 

3. The Spin Twins, Erapalli Prasanna and Bishan Singh Bed

The great Erapalli Prasanna and Bishan Singh Bedi would have to be mentioned in any debate on Indian spin bowling. Prasanna was a master of fly and deception, with a delivery variety that left batters dumbfounded. He was a formidable force that could destroy any batting lineup on his day because of his extraordinary ability to extract spin and bounce from even the most unresponsive of pitches. However, Bedi was a master of precision and control. 

4. Javagal Srinath and Kapil Dev, the Pace Pioneers

India has always been known for its spin bowling, but over the years, the nation has also produced some very talented pacers. As a bowler, he was a formidable force on every surface because of his unusual combination of pace, swing, and seam movement. On the other hand, Javagal Srinath represented pure speed and might. Srinath set an example for aspiring fast bowlers and influenced the direction of Indian pacers with his unwavering commitment to fitness and relentless pursuit of perfection.

5. Zaheer Khan: The Yorker King

Zaheer Khan is the bowler who most perfectly embodied the yorker technique. Shrirampur’s left-arm bowler was a maestro of the delivery, hitting the base of the stumps with deadly accuracy and consistency. But his real strength was his yorker technique, which he frequently employed to devastating effect in the final overs, preventing batters from being able to release their arms. His unrelenting competitive spirit and sharp cricketing mind enabled him to rise to the occasion time and time again.

6. The Magician: Bhagwath Chandrasekhar

Bhagwath Chandrasekhar was a bowler who was absolutely exceptional. He was a wizard whose delivery variety left batsmen scratching their heads in confusion. The Rajasthani leg-spinner was a master of the spin bowling stroke, with an extensive repertoire of deliveries that included the flipper, the googly, and the top-spinner, to name a few. Chandrasekhar was a powerful force because of his extraordinary ability to turn the ball, even on pitches that were unresponsive. He was renowned for his skill with the googly, in particular, having utilized it to trick and confound even the most skilled batters.

7. The Mystery of Vinoo Mankad

Vinoo Mankad was a mysterious bowler who was a real pioneer of Indian cricket due to his distinct style and method of play. Mumbai’s left-arm spinner was a master of his trade, capable of producing incredible turn and bounce out of even the most compliant grounds. Mankad bowled had a peculiar style that comprised a swirling, almost hypnotic run-up that put batsmen in a state of stupor. Batsmen all around the globe dreaded him because of his extraordinary turn and bounce, as well as his command of flight and deception. Mankad was a talented bowler, but he was more than that. He was an actual student of the game, continually assessing the situation and modifying his strategy to take advantage of the opposition. 

8. Sensational Pace: Jasprit Bumrah

Few bowlers in Indian cricket’s contemporary period have piqued fans’ curiosity as much as Jasprit Bumrah. Have you heard about this Guajarati seam bowler? His Cricketing world has been turning around because of his famous way of bowling, his accuracy, and the fact that he is able to bowl more than 90 mph. But it’s his unbeaten competition with the opposing sides no matter the circumstance and the unfinishable reaction for accomplishment that actually make him stand out among the rest.

9. Spinner extraordinaire, Ravichandran Ashwin

As far as bowling is concerned, apart from the illustrious list of Australian bowlers, the current Indian cricketing era has very few bowlers who can match the records of Ravichandran Ashwin. Captain Ashwin causes pundits across the world to cringe with his skill, cunning, and sustained accuracy. Given the wide range of grounds that give even the most patient batsmen away, his off-spin prowess makes him a terrifying opponent. He is the main player in the Indian team owing to his exceptional cricketing wisdom and never yielding strategy as well as always pushing and taking along the batsmen.


As our tour through Indian bowling history draws to a close, one thing is certain: these bowlers in the league will continue to set the tone long after they have gone and their fans will always be privileged enough to watch them crunching yorkers by streaming on ipl live tv video online. Last but not least as a conclusion, the desire and hope of the Indian athletics partisans are implanted in the future young Indian bowlers, who will continue by enthralling and delighting fans with their devotedness, wit, and talent.

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