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Overview of CBC Test & How to Choose the Best Pathology Lab for Blood Sample Collection

A CBC (complete blood count) blood test is a type of blood test that is used to assess the overall health and measure the Blood cells like RBC, and WBC for any kind of blood infection and monitor various blood diseases.

A complete blood count test measures various blood cells to check for any kind of infection and disease as well CBT test can be conducted before any kind of surgery to get a detailed analysis of a patient’s medical condition.

Some of them are

  • Red Blood cells, check the haemoglobin level which carries oxygen.
  • White Blood Cells that gives Information about your Immune system.
  • Platelets, which help in blood clotting
  • Blood cancer can be diagnosed by checking the activity of Different Blood cells.

Ganesh Diagnostic In Delhi provides different types of blood tests such as CBC blood tests, KFT blood test, liver function tests, blood group tests, anaemia tests, and TB tests.

Why a Cell Blood Count Test is Required:

A cell blood count test is required under many conditions these are:

  • To Analyse the Overall Health
  • To Diagnose Any Kind of Blood Infection- 
  • To Check for Medical Conditions-
  • To Identify the Cause of Disease-
  • Detection of Fatal Disease in the Early Phase

Symptoms that Call for CBC Test:

  • Weakness
  • Fatigueness in body
  • Body pain 
  • Any kind of Blood disease and Bleeding Disorder.

 How to choose the best pathology Lab for Blood sample collection

Blood sample collection is required during many tests to diagnose several diseases of blood and different organs. The blood sample collection process requires only a small amount of blood that can be tested for various diseases and it helps your health practitioner to screen and make the right decision to provide the right treatment and ensure the safety and well-being of patients.

Blood sample collection is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to test for many diseases related to blood Its advantages are:

  • Any blood-related disorder can be diagnosed in the early phase
  • Can assess the overall health of a person
  • Blood samples collected can be tested for multiple diseases 
  • Can be  used to detect genetic disorders, and assess how well our blood is clotting

How to Choose the Best Diagnostic Centre for This Test

The experience, reputation, availability, staff, scheduling, and customer evaluations of the finest diagnostic centre can be used to determine which one is best. All tests should be available, and patients should receive assistance whenever needed for tests like the CBC. For an instant result, a CBC Blood home sample collection facility should be available at home. Similarly, a urine sample should be taken and evaluated right away for the kFT test. We think Ganesh Diagnostics would be the greatest option because they offer 100% reliable results and the ability to collect blood samples at home, allowing us to select the best diagnostic centre in Delhi.

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